AKC Inspections : "In compliance"

*ALL* breeders of AKC puppies are held to a standard of practice by the AKC. The standard of practice is called the AKC rules of compliance. The rules of compliance set the standard for regarding record keeping, identification and maintaining proper care of the dogs and kennel conditions.

Passing an AKC inspection is *not* something any breeder should brag about. It is expected that all breeders *should* pass inspection. This article is intended to prevent you from being fooled by those who would suggest that their "in compliance" status is unique or special.

Who Gets Inspected?

We at Blue Knight have been inspected, and found to be in compliance, however, this does not mean puppies from us or any other "in compliance" kennel is superior to others. It simply means we were in compliance with the record keeping rules that he AKC sets down for all breeders. If we were not, we would have had our AKC privileges suspended and we would have been fined! A $250.00 fee is required prior to re-inspection. Customers who fail to correct deficiencies and maintain compliance are subject to discipline ranging from letters of reprimand to 10-year suspensions coupled with $2,000 fines. Investigators also work with local authorities to assure proper care of dogs. Fines and suspensions are published monthly in the AKC Gazette and on the AKC Web site in the Board minutes. The AKC completes some 5,000 kennel inspections each year (2004 and 2005 stats).

I have seen some breeders boasting their "in compliance" status. Don't be fooled into thinking this is anything more than it is -- it is no more special than your local restaurant passing a health inspection. To do what they do, they must pass inspection. That is the minimum you would require of them. Being in compliance with the AKC is the minimum standard by which a breeder should maintain their dogs.

We found the AKC Inspector to be professional and thorough. This is the job of the AKC Inspector. Should we have greater than three litters in a calendar year, we expect to see her again. This is just an expected part of breeding AKC registered dogs!



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