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Blue Knight Bouncing Betty

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10 years. 2/6/2003 -5/3/2013

Bounce got her name, because as a baby, she would explode out of the kennel, and take you out at the knees! She grew up to be the sweetest, calmest, dog we have had the pleasure to love. She was the only girl in the litter, and was the ugliest puppy I have ever kept (sorry, Bounce, but that was true). I kept her, because of her pedigree, and because my friend and mentor in dogs told me I would be sorry if I placed her. Bounce had two litters. Her daughter (Blue Knight Fiddle Dee Dee) was a Specialty winning bitch (Dee had to be spayed when she had her only litter). Thankfully, we had Bounce’s granddaughter, Miley.