We would greatly appreciate you filling out our questionnaire (below).  Simply copy and paste it into an email to THIS ADDRESS   (CLICK HERE)

We have many contacts in the Labrador world, so we may be able to refer you.  We will call you as soon as possible if we have questions, and with your permission, we will forward your questionnaire to someone who might have what you’re looking for. If you are only looking for a puppy in the Southern California area, we strongly recommend you contact the San Diego Labrador Retriever Club, the San Joaquin Valley LRCThe Central California LRC, The Puget Sound LRA. Rose City LRC.   Thank you!

Please copy this Questionnaire and paste it into your computer email program.  We have tried several forms, but not all browsers work with all forms.   This questionnaire is important to us, so we would rather all users be able to access it.  Be sure to answer all of the questions, including your name, home address (no P.O. Boxes) and phone number.



Phone number:

Other number: Home address (no P.O. Boxes):

Who referred you, or how did you find us?

What Sex and color are you interested in?

Where did the referral come from?

What made you select a Labrador over another breed?

Have you ever owned a dog before?                       What breed?                                 What happened to it?
Do you have any other pets at this time?                   What are they?

Are you planning to breed this dog?                  Will you spay/neuter it?                    By what age?
Do you know what an AKC Limited Registration nis?                                                   Will you obedience train this dog?                            Do field training?                        Where?
Have you any plans to show this dog?

Do you have a kennel name?

How many people live in your household?                  Children?                  Ages:
Are you expecting a baby at this time?
Is someone home during the day?                                 How long will the dog be alone at any given time?
Where will your dog stay while you are out?
Do you have a fenced yard or other enclosure for the dog? fence height:
Do you have an outdoor activity that the dog will participate in?
Do you live in a:    house         own?    lease?                 condo?                 apartment? Yard?
If leasing, does it permit pets?
Anyone in the house who doesn’t like, is afraid of, or is allergic to dogs?
Are you aware that Labradors can be destructive and out of control if left alone for long periods of time, or go untrained?
Where will your dog stay while you are on vacation?
Do you have any questions for us?

Do we have permission to forward this questionnaire to a breeder who may have an availability that meets your needs?

Yes______    No __________

Thank you,

Blue Knight Labradors