Carry You
by Walt Zientek
For Dian, Carol, Sue, and Jim…

When I brought you home, I carried you.
I held you close and made a promise that day.
As I breathed in that sweet, soft, clean smell,
I promised to carry you, and keep you safe and well.
I laughed and spoke so quietly to you
I taught you your name. You showed me your heart
And I showed you mine, as I carried you that day
When I take you home, I’ll carry you.
I’ll hold you close, as I promised that day.
I’ll breathe in that old familiar smell,
and keep my promise to keep you safe and well.
I’ll cry as I speak so quietly to you.
I’ll say your name. You’ll show me your heart.
And I will lose mine, when I carry you, that day.

This poem was dedicated to myself and three other people when we all lost dear Labs close to the same time.  To say that I am honored is an understatement Walt’s works have appeared in lab-related publications on three continents and in the book, Labrador Tales.
Old faces and familiar hands


Listed by most recent date of death to most distant date of death.

We owned many dogs through the years. Some were retired into pet homes, and those stories belong to their owners. The following dogs were a part of our life for their entire lifetime:


Special Mention:


3 years
by: grandson, Aaron Cartmill (Draco was owned by Aaron, but was absolutely a member of the family)

Draco was named for a selfish spoiled character from a book. In reality he was only one of those things. We spoiled him rotten, but he wasn’t selfish. He was the exact opposite. His life goal was to make everyone happy and he would do it at any cost. He would walk into a room and just hop into someone’s lap give them a big sloppy kiss. if someone was unhappy or sad it was his personal mission to turn their frown upside down. To tell you the truth he never had to try very hard. His presence just brought joy and silliness to every room.

Loved and mourned by his family and his cat, Draco, the lover of bacon, cheese burgers, and Krispy Kreme, left us far too soon. The empty spot in our lives and home will be hard to fill.