Hailey Memorial

Wingmaster’s Hallelujah Lass
(10 1/2)

(7 Points toward her Ch. and never finished.)
Hailey had hard beginnings. She was a gift to me, after I assited another breeder, who brought home three very sick puppies… Hailey one of them. They had Parvo, tested postive for cocci, Corona and worms. We took care of them here..with a LOT of help from my vet. 24hrs/day four of us sweat over them, establishing IV’s as they infiltrated, giving meds, and keeping them warm and clean. We lost the boy…the girls lived. Hailey never left us. She donated blood for years to be spun down so that her high titer for parvo could be used to save the lives of other puppies with the disease. She was a wonderful mother to her four litters. She is greatly missed.