Mandy Memorial

Boldcrest Catch The Wind C.D. W.C.

“Mandy” (left) and “Sugar” (right) on “their” rug. They were together every day of their life, until the death of Sugar in Feb. 1998. Mandy followed Sugar on 9/30/98. Both were 12 1/2 when they died. We will miss them both so much.

Mandy was, and always will be remembered as our little “Peter Pan”… she never grew up. Even on her last day, she knocked over the vet tech! Silly, sassy Mandy.

The legacy of Mandy is that she is the foundation of every dog we have today. She ended up being our foundation dog.

From left to right: Ellie (Mandy Granddaughter), Shimmer (Mandy Granddaughter), Wish (Mandy Daughter), and Mandy.