Topaz Memorial

Blue Knight What’s My Sign “Topaz”

OFA hips/elbows – eyes clear yearly
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14 1/2years 12/1/99 – 20014
INT/AM/LUX/DUTCH Ch. Raintree Slippery When Wet JH CGC x Blue Knight Solar Eclipse



Topaz was one of those silent heroes. She was a constant companion to our girl Flo and at the end of Flo’s life, Topaz became Flo’s comfort and seeing-eye-dog, when old age cataracts took Flo’s sight. She patiently walked slowly and right by Flo’s side to be sure Flo was okay. Topaz never limped a day in her life, she was healthy, and an easy keeper. She was a wonderful mother to her own, and to other litters. We knew when we lost Flo, that Topaz would follow her closely, as they simply had never been apart. We were right. Topaz died months after Flo, never having shown signs of illness, until cancer made itself apparent literally in her last days.