Wish Memorial

Blue Knight Evening Star (“Wish”)

(Bb) OFA Hips Good/Elbows Normal [verify OFA – Click here]

13 1/2

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The matriarch of our canine family for many years, and was well known for being our “fireplace dog”.  She always had her nest of babies (stuffed animals) in front of her as she slept soundly in her place of honor in the house.  We wrote an article about her litter (Thankful For The Labrador ) which told the story of her *two* mothers.   She left wonderful footprints here.  Wish will be greatly missed by family and friends.  Her legacy continues through her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great-great grandchildren here at Blue Knight.  She contributed much, and was greatly loved.  She was always ready for play!  Her bed by the fireplace has looked very empty following her passing.  

* Mother of Specialty WD Blue Knight Country Comfort
* Great Grandmother of Specialty WB Blue Knight Fiddle Dee Dee
* Grandmother of Mult. BISS Ch. Blue Knight INXS
* Grandmother of Ch. Belgold Rebound
* Grandmother of CH Blue Knight Extreme Justice
*Grandmother of major pointed Blue Knights Xtreme RPM