Puppy Buyers Beware

Are you buying a new puppy?  There’s a sucker born every minute. Don’t be one!
Here is a list of some of the best examples of someone trying to set the hook that I have found on the Web.
Hint: If someone is telling you they have any sort of “rare” Labrador, you’re being had. There is no such thing.
“Breeder of the rare fox red Labrador Retriever dogs”
Fox Red is the description of the darkest yellow coloration in yellow Labradors. Fox red occurs normally, and is not rare at all.
“Labradors in striking shades of Charcoal Gray, Chocolate and Silver. America’s Favorite Dog in a rare and beautiful color”
Charcoal Silver and gray?  Read the standard.
Chocolate is rare? I think not!
 ” Playful puppies, Rare chocolates..”
There is nothing rare about chocolate!
 “..rare white Labradors”
“white” might be a very light cream colored yellow (not rare at all), or worse, an albino. Albinism refers to a group of genetic defects that cause decreased levels of the pigment, melanin. The eyes might also be affected and have an iris that is pink, dull-gray to blue. Their skin is a very pale pink, and if their eyes are pink, this is called tyrosinase-negative. Dogs with Albinism *are* very rare (thank heavens), and are likely to be deaf , and have sensitive skin.  Most likely, the “rare white” labrador being advertised is simply a very light yellow. There is nothing rare or special about them.
 “….information on America’s Favorite Dog in a rare and beautiful color”
“Rare” AND “beautiful”…the perfect package for some unlucky person!
 “…specializing in the rare Labradoodles”
A cross between Labs and poodles! I sure hope this is rarely done.

“…rare white, Gray and silver Labradors”
Once again… not rare, just wrong!

” White Labradors. Since they are still somewhat rare, they do cost a little more, but they are really neat dogs.”
Are you starting to see a pattern? You’re going to pay more for a normal/common light cream colored yellow, or worse, for an albino( you pay more for the mistakes of nature– yes, albinism is extremely rare.)
“Specializing in rare silvers (gray)”.
rare = wrong
“…rare AKC registered  chocolate, silver, and black labradors”
Nope, Labs with silver coloration (dilute chocolate) are registered as chocolate. You’ll never find a Lab registered as silver. Again, this person lists normal colors as “rare”… chocolates are not rare, and black is the dominant color — hardly RARE.
“White Labradors … They do exist, very rare… ”
There sure are a lot of these “RARE” whites, doncha think?”Breeding cream,
black, rare fox red, bred for beauty, intelligence and great temperament”
Cream is just a light shade of YELLOW. Humm… here we are again…fox reds are NOT rare!”Labradors in exceedingly rare colors…”
Wow.. exceedingly rare! This must be for the exceedingly naive sucker.
“…rare miniature Labradors”
Oh goodie. A labrador for apartment dwellers! There is no such thing as a miniature Lab. There are dwarf labradors. Health risks that come with dwarfism includes crippling joint disease and blindness.

You get the picture! If a breeder is advertising a color other than that found in the Breed Standard, or other than known mismarks in the breed (article on this page), you’re being had.



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