Those Pesky Records

The AKC requires that a breeder keeps records on everything. I am great at collecting and keeping documents in one place, but I was literally piling paperwork into a notebook (not neatly, not in the rings, just in it!). I had this bulging 4” ring binder stuffed with loose papers.

I got up this morning, and spent the day organizing records that have not been organized in about 5 years! It took me 10 hours, but I now have organized/spotless records, and have reduced the current dog notebook to a tidy book that is more empty than I have ever had (we only have 5 dogs here now!)

After 40 years, I have six 3 & 4” notebooks fully filled with the records of dogs that are gone (died or placed), and one for the five dogs I have. Some of you would be jealous of the pedigrees and photos I have in some of those old notebooks! I have really old pedigrees. I talked to one of my daughters today, and told her to make sure that one day in the future, when they are looking at notebooks full of dog records, that before she burns them, to offer the old pedigrees and pics to some Lab-owning pack-rat (One friend immediately came to mind).