Thou Shalt Not Steal!!

When someone works very hard on something and adds a copyright, or has intellectual property, an honest person respects that. A dishonest person steals it.

Morals. You either have them or not.

When a dog breeder steals, you can bet that their dishonesty filters down to the puppies they sell. It’s a given. Dishonest people who lie about what they have produced (a lie of theft and reproduction), they will absolutely lie to you about what you’re getting. Keep that in mind when I add people to this page. I don’t take people to court for theft, my time is far more important. I just point them out to the public, and let the public decide on their own. Remember, a dishonest person is dishonest in all they do. Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but where theft is involved, replication of someone’s work is not.

So, from time-to-time, people send me images or pages stolen from us. They’re listed below with full disclosure for you to see the evidence and weigh it for yourself. *Many* people have asked permission to use images we have created, and may have asked to use our articles as a reference. We always give some sort of permission, even if that only includes permission to link to our pages. Sometimes, it’s permission to reprint with credit, and sometimes to print out for their own use. We’re pretty fair and easy about it.

This page is dedicated to people who lack imagination and either stole our work outright, or misrepresented themselves to us when asking permission. When their misdeeds are corrected, they’ll be removed from this page.


Here is one instance where we were asked if our page could be used for “inspiration” for their own. Sure – using a page as “inspiration” is cool, but please give us credit. Well… that’s not quite how it turned out. With that, I offer one that I commented on many years ago, but is still being displayed. Initially, our entire site was screenshot, and they were called on it. So, they substituted the artwork, but again, stole the HTML and entire layout. They did, indeed, get permission for “inspiration”, and we did have communication, but there is a rub…

You be the judge…

Our Coat Color Inheritance chart ( was created in 1998.

It was first archived by the Internet Archive “Wayback Machine” in 2011:

My mistake was saying yes to a term as vague as “inspiration”. So, you be the judge.. theft, or “inspiration”?

Click on this link, and see that the pages are identical except for the images, and note at the bottom of the offender’s page (
is the following text in tiny font that couldn’t even be bothered to provide a link to “Blue Knight Labradors” in this “thanks”, for giving permission for “inspiration”:

No, dear, you did not create your “own”. You substituted images, and used our HTML and concept, when you simply asked for permission to use it as “inspiration”.

Using the Internet Archive “Wayback machine, you can see that their direct copy (with image substitution) was first archived in 2011:

Again, you be the judge!