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5 days ago
Pick of the Litter - Official Trailer

We watched the movie "Pick of the litter" ("On Demand"), and I can highly recommend it. Having donated puppies, stud services, and a brood bitch to Guide Dogs of America, I know the satisfaction of ... See more

PICK OF THE LITTER follows a litter of puppies from the moment they’re born and begin their quest to become guide dogs for the blind. Cameras follow these pu...

2 weeks ago

Last year I posted this. Every time I hear one of those sad HSUS commercials I think of it, so I am posting it again. Be sure to watch the video I post after. What a difference music and ... See more

1 month ago
Photos from Blue Knight Labradors's post

We had a little snow play today, but if the weather report is right, we’ll have lots more tomorrow!

1 month ago
RECALL ALERT: Some dog food has toxic levels of vitamin D, FDA warns

Several popular brands of dry dog food have up to 70 times the safe levels of vitamin D and could kill dogs who eat them, the Food and Drug Administration

1 month ago
Dog Owners Need to Know About the FDA's Grain-Free Diet Alert

This is serious!

We've compiled the information you need to know to understand the FDA's grain-free diet alert.

2 months ago
The Politics of Pet Dogs and Kennel Crates

Idiots! What do dogs in the wild live in, feel most safe in, and exert a good deal of energy making? Dens! Tight/dark dens. They represent safety, warmth, comfort. A crate in your home is all ... See more

Science doesn’t support negative publicity about using kennel crates.

2 months ago

James is back home where he belongs.

2 months ago


Folks open your eyes. First the HSUS, came and were successful at ending Marine Land, then the Barnum Bailey Circus, now Greyhound racing. Their working hard on ... See more

2 months ago
Photos from Blue Knight Labradors's post

Eye exams today. All good.

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