How Animal Rights Groups Get Your Money

1/1/17 – Happy New Year!

Imagine you’re watching Tv — the show breaks, and soft/sad music comes on… the soft, sad monotone voice of a woman narrates as photos of sad/freezing looking dogs display.  In her best sorrowful voice she says … ” Our most constant companions feel the effects of winter weather as much as we do, only they are often cast outside to weather the cold or a storm owing to a misconception that the fur on their backs will insulate them from suffering…..”.

Yes, “animal rights” groups would use these images to rip your heart out and prompt you to send money to an organization that does nothing for animals in shelters, but rather to pass anti dog/cat/farmer legislation.  See the video (below) for the answer to the first video!

Isn’t it amazing how music and images can change our perception of things?

Yee haww…. They had a blast!



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