Our Silly Luna

Luna Never fails to make us laugh! She comes in the house and one-by-one removes her favored toys from the toy box. As she removes each one, she will parade it around and show it off, then lie near it, admiring each in turn, before she goes on to the next.  She covets her toys.  If her toy of choice is below another in the box, she’ll move the top one aside, then choke herself to get the lowest one. Some we keep outside, and she has her stash there too. This takes most of the day, and by the end of the day, the den is filled with toys, and a contently sleeping dog!


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Another K-9 Road Trip

It’s never easy knowing you’ll be driving for two days with a puppy. It helps to have an older dog along.

We’ve been on the road with Luna and 15 week old Riley since yesterday.

It is hard for a puppy to get the hang of going potty on leash, walking on the leash, and being crated in the vehicle for long periods of time, but this little girl took to it all quite naturally. We let them be together in one crate some of the time for company and comfort, and in separate crates for eating and rest.

In the hotel, they co-inhabited, and we’re the perfect hotel guests. Quiet and using good manners:

If you are traveling with a pet (or two), be sure to follow a few steps, so that hotels that are pet friendly will remain that way!

  1. Pick up after your dog (a plastic bag in your pocket will assure easy waste pickup)
  2. Keep them quiet (no barking, which will disturb other guests)
  3. Keep your pet in a crate when you are out of the room, to prevent damage to floors or furniture.
  4. Never bathe a dog in tubs or showers!
  5. Make sure not to leave evidence of dogs behind (clean up fur or wood shavings that may have escaped your crate).

Traveling with a pet can be fun and rewarding.



Website Built by Blue Knight. All graphics , photographs, and original articles are the property of Blue Knight.  Permission must be obtained for use on other sites or for other purposes.

Dog Show Road Trip-Day7

12 hour drive to Klamath falls, spend the night, then 11 hours or so back to Idaho.  We’re all tired.  The girls (dogs) are being very good.  Mariah and Rumble both asked for a bit of one-on-one cuddle time when we first got in our room.  Now they’re both fast asleep.  FYI, The Shilo inn in Klamath is dog friendly, and very nice.   We stopped about four times for the girls today, to stretch and potty.  The baby is being stubborn about going potty.  I hate it when they hold it too long.


Goofy Marian wanting some snuggle time:

Their dorm rooms:

Dog Show Road Trip-Day5&6

3/9/17 –  Dahlia did very well today.  She had more competition, and still pulled out a 1st.  We got a very nice comment from the judge.  Mariah simply did not want to move, and that was sad, since she was doing well free-stacking.  Shine seemed “done” today also.  It’s wet, raining and cold.  The club worked so hard on the specialty, that it’s sad when your show gets so much rain that everything turns to mud.  The winners were lovely.  We’re cold and tired, and did not stay for best of breed, as we just had no energy.   We found a dog park for the girls to get out and stretch their legs.   An early bedtime for all of us seems the thing to do.

Here are a few images from the day:


2/20/17  – After we all got a very good night sleep,  we took off for home.  We drove about three hours, and realized we were simply exhausted.  Another storm is headed in, and we decided that fatigue and bad weather is a bad combo.  This evolved into an idea to just lay low one more day at our daughter’s house, and set out tomorrow for our trip home to Idaho.  The girls were very happy to find themselves being let out in our daughter’s back yard, and ran themselves silly.  Tomorrow will be a long day for all of us.  We hope to make it to Klamath Falls, Oregon, then home the next day (which is a 10 hour push if it is good driving).

Dog Show Road Trip-Day4

Last night, the storm named “Lucifer” hit the So. Cal area.  We were lucky that all we got was a downpour of rain, and exciting, and sometimes tragic, news to watch on the TV.

2/18/17. 8:00am

We’re on the show grounds.  The girls are doing great, although none of them wanted to potty in the downpour.

Practice stacking for the baby:

Dahlia and her brother, Chase, went first in their sweepstakes classes.  That was easy for Dahlia, as she was the only one in her sweeps class.   She’s a little nervous, as this is her first time out of the kennel and on leash.  She did well.

A dog we bred (GCH Blue Knight Silent Alarm  “Andy”, owned by J.Jace  went best in Veteran sweeps.  So our morning has gone well.  We have a full day ahead of us!

Mariah.  For  her very first time out, she did well.


Rumble was pretty rusty today, but we had fun:

Dahlia went Best Op-Sex Puppy.

“Chase”, bred by us, and owned by Julie and Kim, went 1st in his sweeps class:

Rictor got back in the ring with Joe.  Both of them are a bit rusty.

We had fun today, and the rain stayed away all day, making it a much better experience for all.   The dogs had fun, and now most of them are snoring.

Dog Show Road Trip-Day3

2/17/17  7am -12pm  – last night and this morning,  the dogs were able to stretch their legs and shake off the cobwebs, at the home of our family in Palmdale, CA!   Baby Dalhia is doing great!  She’s such a good girl.  

12 noon, we’re on the road to San Diego again.  The weather is awful.  Travel is very slow.



Dog Show Road Trip-day2

Up before the sun.  Potty and food for the three dogs.  They’re doing very well, especially the baby!  14 hours to go!   We’re headed into more rain.  Pottying dogs in the rain is way too much fun (I need a sarcasm icon).

Potty stops are the most important parts of a road trip with dogs.  It prevents accidents in the crate, which are lengthy to clean up, thus adding time on your trip, and can result in having to find somewhere to re-bathe the dog and clean out a crate. Urinary tract infections are also a risk of waiting too long between breaks.   So, successful/frequent potty stops are good for owner and dogs.

With that in mind… 10:00 2/16/17:

Rumble knows the drill:

Dahlia notices the grass is greener on the other side of the fence:

Yay, baby Dahlia!!  Potty on command!

Dan and Mariah


Sometimes, the owners of the dogs have to treat themselves!  Leave the dogs alone in the car?  Nope! Pizza  in the car!

Dog Show Road Trip-Day1

AKA – Xanax. I’ll take two, thank you!.

With luck, we’re leaving in the morning for a dog show.  Last minute issues could prevent us from leaving.  We’ll be driving from Idaho to San Diego, California.  What does it take to show a dog?   Initially training a dog to stack for examination is a good place to start, but our weather has been very bad, and with 4 feet of snow on the ground, there has been little place to train.  So, I am praying.

Entries made for Rumble, Mariah, and Dahlia.  Why them?  Rumble is easy to show.  She could do this dog show thing without me on the other end of the lead, and I love showing her.  Mariah is two now, and it’s time to get out there and see what she can do.  She has never set foot in a show ring before.  And then there is baby Dahlia.  Why her and not her sister?  Well, good question.  I did not want to take two babies, hoping someone could show one for me, and right now, I think Dahlia has the best topline of the two, but Rose has the best head.  I just decided to pick Dahlia.   Three is enough!

What’s involved?

  • Making entries – Fill out the entry form for the girls, with the pertinent information, select the classes they will go in, and pay the entry fee: $200
  • Examine and bathe the dogs.  That was fun… Dahlia had never had a bath or blow-dry.   it was a mildly traumatic event.
  • Pack
    • Three hard crates for travel
    • Three soft crates for ringside
    • exercise pens
    • food for three dogs
    • bowls for three dogs
    • toys for three dogs
    • show leashes and collars/ travel leashes and collars
    • blow dryer
    • brushes
    • show clothes
    • show shoes
    • casual after-show and travel wear
    • canopy
    • chairs
    • towels
    • rain gear and muck boots

This looks a lot like our truck once we’re packed <grin>:
Image result for over packed van

.,and now, today, the day before we leave,  the change filter light came on the truck after dealerships have closed.  We really don’t want to do four days driving with a filter alert.  I wonder if Dan can get it fixed. <sigh>

I will add to this fun-filled trip as we go..

2/15/17 – 11:30am  Day  1

with a ten hour drive ahead of us, the girls are finally packed, and a ton of gear loaded.  There is hardly room for the two of us humans in the car.   Driving conditions here in Idaho are ice, ice and more ice, so we’re slowly sliding out of town!   We hear we’ll be getting 2.5″ of rain in one day at the show grounds.  Dog shows are never cancelled for rain!


Potty stop #1  Dalhia has no idea what we want her to do.  It is pouring rain of course!  “Go potty” means nothing to her (yet).  She’ll learn!


Dahlia finally got the idea on this potty stop!  Success!   ONWARD.  We’re hoping to make it beyond Shasta.


11:30 Klamath Falls, OR.

Done for the day.  A successful end to day 1.  Dahlia’s first experience in a hotel room.  She’s doing well on her first trip!

Lights out!  G’night all…